Managing Risks of Bad Debtors

Managing Risks of Bad debtors

Maintaining a good cash flow is essential in any business staying afloat. Sadly, not all of our clients pay on time despite us providing our services or products in good faith.

We will always have some Slow Paying Customers that if not better managed, could push your business to the brink of insolvent trading, which is not only illegal, can restrict the operation of some of your insurance policies.

If your customers are not paying you on time,  they are effectively using you as an interest free bank and it is costing you more money than you think.

I know an expert who can help you with this. Larry Brownson, who has a company called Ledger Guard.  He can help you get paid on time, minimise any misunderstandings and disputes with your customers and improve your cash flow.

His contact details are:

Telephone:  07 3260 7232

Fax: 07 3041 6025


Postal Address PO Box 262 Hamilton, Old 4007


The following are some of the services he can provide you with:

Speak to Larry and discover how you can seriously reduce your exposure to unnecessary risk and protect your cash flow. Vital to the survival of any business.


Ledger Guard’s Credit Risk Management Products & Services Include the Following:

Ledger Guard carries out audits for a number of businesses every month.

Ledger Guard give you a complimentary assessment of your current business documents. Find out how well your paperwork measures up and if the level of protection is adequate for your business. All they need is a copy of your current document’s. One of his team will review your terms & conditions and associated forms, then report back to you on how well they measure up to current industry standards. There is absolutely no cost or obligation.

If you are interested in a document review or have any questions regarding Ledger Guard’s services, call Larry on 07 3260 7232.


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