Climate Change is a concern in the USA

The global insurance industry has a different outlook on climate change even though it is seen as a conservative area of finance. European Reinsurers have also expressed great concern about the future. More and more the industry is paying out considerably for the extreme weather events now occurring. They are lobbying for governments to act in a subtle way without isolating them from their Insureds. For this reason it is all based on absolute fact.

The only issue is the question, is it man-made or a natural part of the cycle. The general attitude is, do not take the chance. Anything that can help reduce the risk, a principal of Risk Management, should be taken. It is better to prevent problems where possible rather than rely on an Insurance claim to pay for it, as premiums will just rise and rise.

The biggest polluters are the USA, and the Insurance Industry here is concerned. Read about it here.

Insurance against the future