Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance – We can do the unusual

We can help you with Fleets, Rare, Prestige, Classic and specialty vehicles, and Motorcycles.

CPR Insurance Services generally does not assist clients with “one-off” motor vehicle insurance as the direct insurers provide so much competition (along with so little service) that we cannot compete on price.

However we can obtain covers that can be traditionally classed as a prestige motor vehicles along with, partner’s vehicles, motorcycles and privately imported vehicles from specialist insurers distinctly designed for the discerning vehicle owner that direct insurers stay away from.

Also for Commercial businesses and not for profit organisations that have fleets of vehicles, we can assist placing these with insurers offering the most competitive terms.

We also understand that owners of prestige and specialty vehicles and motorcycles require a higher level of cover, a superior level of service and dedicated support in the event of a claim.

We can obtain cover for:

• Vintage, Veteran, Classic,

• Emerging Classic,

• Prestige,

• Specialty vehicles,

• Imported vehicles,

• Modified vehicles,

• Accommodation vehicles, and

• Motorcycles.

Many of our insurers can provide the following Benefits

• New vehicle replacement benefit – Up to Three Years

• Agreed value or Market Value

• Choice of repairer

• No claim bonus protection

• Lifetime guarantee on repairs

• Hire Vehicle in the event of theft or accident

• Multi vehicle discount

• Automatic salvage retention (vehicles 25+ years)

• First Excess free windscreen and window glass claim

• Emergency repairs and accommodation

• Cover for nannies and chauffeurs, regardless of age

• Riding Apparel cover

Additional Cover

• Limited use options

• Laid up cover

• Flexible Excess options

• Trailer cover

Claim Specialists

We assist in quick, efficient claims processing. Our aim is to minimise the time vehicles are off the road, by monitoring and making sure our clients receive the best service possible from insurers.


We understand that those with classic vehicles know repairers that are model specific and most insured’s being enthusiasts have already build up a relationship with their repairer. Combined with experienced classic and specialty vehicle Assessors, we want our Insured’s vehicle claims to be handled with competent and professional service providers to produce the best and most positive results.

To obtain a quotation for your vehicle, simply call CPR Insurance Services – we are experts who will save you!