The “Know Risk” Web Site is worth looking at

Know Risk is an online network of tools and information to help the public better understand risk and appreciate insurance in their lives.

The Institute began to develop Know Risk in the aftermath of recent natural disasters. Much of the pain and devastation of loss that resulted could have been reduced and mitigated had there been better community understanding of risk management and the security of appropriate insurance coverage.

The fallout of these events also brought home the negative image that the insurance industry continues to suffer unjustly. The industry has failed to cut through this negativity despite its contribution of millions of dollars in claims payments and months of dedicated hard work by insurance professionals to help rebuild communities in their time of need.

Know Risk Network
The Know Risk website became live on 31 October. It is designed to deliver engaging and interesting content about risk, alongside useful information that assists people to avoid the risks they can control and to plan for those they can’t. Know Risk features fun quizzes and informative and interesting videos of real people and their stories.

Insurance Tracker
Know Risk also delivers the Insurance Tracker application which was launched in September. The Insurance Tracker is free and allows users to store all of their relevant policy and provider information in the one place, create a photo inventory to keep a safe record of their valuables, easily access their information when making a claim and more. Users can set reminders to prompt them to update their policies on a regular basis or to let them know that renewal time is approaching. The Insurance Tracker is available as a mobile application on the Apple App Store and as a web application on the Know Risk website. Subsequent versions of Insurance Tracker for other mobile operating systems such as Android or Blackberry are scheduled for development.

Now that phase one of the Know Risk website has been launched, this initiative will continually evolve and grow as new tools are built and new content is created. We also recognise the vital role that the Know Risk community will play in shaping the expansion of this exciting program.

Know Risk will not give advice or endorse products but instead will ensure every person in Australia and New Zealand has the opportunity to access the information they need to make the right choices about sensible risk management. Ultimately Know Risk’s goal is to improve understanding of insurance and its great value in ordinary peoples’ lives.

To access the Know Risk web site, click right here