Insurers being sued for climate change

As natural weather events are usually catastrophic and extremely costly, it is usually Re-insurers who cop the brunt of such claims. They have been funding research and lobbying governments around the world to take more responsibility on what has been established as a real threat and issue.

Reinsurers interest extends to being able to measure the amount of future reserves they will need to pay claims and then charge a premium rate accordingly. It is only competition that keeps the rates down.

After the catastropic events around the world with Hurricane Irene, Cyclone Yassi, Floods in the USA, Australia and Europe. Let alone unrelated disasters such as Earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. The pressure is on for substantial rate increases.

The pressure is on responsible governments around the world to manage these global threats, because Insurance policies will pay for the actual event causing damage and injury, but not cover the long term cause of it.