Managing your security with Video Surveillance

In managing risks relating to security, many businesses have found that Video surveillance is an effective method to utilise. By itself it will not necessarily prevent theft or vandalism, but it will assist in identification of perpetrators and the recovery of property. Informing the public with signs that CCTV cameras are in use probably have the best prevention effect.

Those perpetrators may not necessarily be Burglars breaking in at night, but could be staff or customers taking property during the day, so Video Surveillance is useful 24 hours a day. An additional benefit is keeping an eye on staff productivity particularly in front of house.

Further, it can not only assist with security, but the ability to assist with liability issues involving customer or employee safety including Occupational Health and Safety issues. When an allegation of an injury being caused, the incident may be captured on video giving a clear evidence of the events.

Implementing a camera solution, with the latest remote access or CMS technology, can reduce these risks faced by your business. The technology is becoming so good and so cheap now,

Business Surveillance can improve business performance and the potential for growth.

Installing a surveillance solution can reassure stakeholders that CCTV proactively defends business against an array of risks up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This is achieved by using the latest in integrated digital video recording equipment, information capture and remote access technology.


Who can help me with considering this equipment?

We have a consultant who can assist you with this who has partnered with a leading manufacturer of high quality video surveillance and CCTV equipment.

They assist in the design of latest Linux based Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR) and mobile DVR technology, coupled with full remote access capabilities, from around the world. This is combined with a carefully selected camera range including all general purpose cameras, special purpose PTZ cameras and the latest IP cameras for just about any application. Their team of System Integrators then work closely with our clients to produce customised CCTV solutions capable of meeting all video surveillance requirements.

The technology is constantly being refined to ensure they remain market leaders providing their customers with the latest and best CCTV solutions available. This is testament to the many Australian companies implementing the video surveillance camera and CCTV solutions .

Clinton Viertel of Strike can provide an obligation free quote on the CCTV requirements of any business.  They supply, install and maintain some of the best brands in CCTV Surveillance equipment.

He also has the ability to significantly reduce the telephone call spend account of the business to help subsidise the cost of the new CCTV equipment.  On average, he can discount the usage on a Telstra landline phone account by up to 65%.  As an example, on a $250 usage account, he can provide a monthly discount of $162.50.  This discount will almost cover the monthly cost of a new 4 Camera CCTV system. So it can be almost free to have!

Please call 0401 200 222 and ask for Clinton to organise your free no obligation quote or email