Managing the security to your home

Managing Householder’s Burglary Risks:

It is important to be a good citizen and member of your local community. This means looking out for your neighbours. You have to be the eyes of your neighbourhood. It is important that you call the police to report a crime or any suspicious activity. You do not have to disclose who you are if this is a concern.

Lightup the outside of your residence at night time. Also lock your doors at all times. Certainly from the outside when you are at home but use good quality deadlocks (locked from both sides) when not at home. Call the Police when you see something suspicious.

If someone really wants to break into your home, they will. What you can do is make it as difficult or as inconvenient as possible. Anything that can be done to delay them as much as possible is an advantage.

For additional tips

Don’t Tempt a Thief:

Locks…Get the Best:

Targeting the Outside:



* Australian Bureau of Statistics – Crime Victimisation, Australia, 2010-11

If Your Home Is Broken Into:

If you come home to find an unexplained open/broken window or door:

Other precautions you should take:

And don’t forget. Your local police force is happy to help with tips and assistance on your home security. Give them a call.

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