Consider getting a Safe

Managing Risks with an appropriate Safe

Keeping valuables and money in an appropriately approved safe is excellent for security  but also important documents in your home are also at risk. The apart from security, what about making it a fireproof and waterproof safe?

Whether you’re one of the growing number of consumers deciding to keep cash or other valuables in your home rather than a bank safety deposit box or you simply need a secure place to store items like data files and important paperwork, a fireproof safe can reassure you in the event of an emergency

The only way you can feel safe when the unexpected happens is when you own one of these safes and use it frequently..

In addition to finding home safes that accommodate your items and storage space, it’s also important to find a fireproof safe guaranteed to protect your possessions.

Before you choose a waterproof, fireproof safe, you need to look at the quality of the safe and your own situation.

  1. Decide the size you need and the space available for your waterproof and fireproof safe. This involves considering the items you plan on storing and where you plan on keeping the safe. There are safes that can fit under a bed, inside a filing cabinet, free standing larger models, and models that fit into the wall or floor. Ease of accessibility but at the same time keeping it from the public’s sight.
  2. Choose a waterproof, fireproof safe by determining the type of lock you need. There are three basic types of safe locks:
    • electronic, combination, and key.
    • Electronic locks have a code that only you know, combination locks have a spinning dial,
    • and key locks rely on a key for entry.
  3. Look for a safe that meets the AS/NZS 3809:1998 Standard. There are also labels for fireproof ability. The label should also indicate the amount of heat the safe can withstand and the amount of time it can survive, such as a safe that withstands 300 degree celsius temperatures for up to two hours.
  4. Check the bottom of the safe for the holes and look at the sides. All safes use small holes on the bottom, which is the result of the pieces being welded together. You’ll want to find silicone based sealant used in this area, which protects the bottom of the safe from water. This same type of sealant should also be used on the sides of the safe.
  5. Find a fireproof and waterproof safe that’s also impact resistant. You’ll find this label on the side or box of the safe and it indicates that the safe is protected against impacts. If you accidentally drop the safe from a high distance, or it’s hit by debris, your valuables are still protected.

How to Buy the Best Fireproof Safe

Consider these tips to buy the best fireproof safe

  1. Buy the best fireproof safe by checking the specific rating given to it. This will determine how much heat a fireproof safe can withstand. If you’re planning to store paper items in the fireproof safe or fireproof file cabinet, look for a version rated as high as possible. Opt for lower only if you also need to protect items with a lower burn point like compact discs or videos.
  2. Consider the duration of fire protection that you’ll need from the safe. The best fireproof safes are listed for one, two or three hours of heat resistance. Although a fireproof safe offering three hours of protection may be considered overkill since a typical fire will burn at its maximum temperature for less than an hour, you may want the increased timeframe for peace of mind.
  3. Ensure the fire resistant safe you’re considering is also waterproof (or that you store the home safe in a location where it will be protected from fire sprinklers) to avoid water damage to the paperwork contained inside.
  4. Let the home safe pull double duty by opting to buy the best fireproof safe that also offers burglary resistance such as high-security combination or key lock. Safes also have standards for burglary-a fireproof safe listed at rates that it takes  a technician to open the safe with electric, lock pick or grinding tools for 30 minutes. You may only want to invest in these measures on larger safes, because the smallest fireproof safes can simply be carried from your home.

There is no doubt that Safes, particularly Fire Proof and Waterproof ones can protect valuable documents and precious jewellery and are worth considering.