Managing Risks of Welding and Hot Works

When welding is required to be performed, we recommend that hot work should be conducted strictly in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1674.1 Safety in welding and allied processes – Fire precautions. Part of which requires the use of a hot work permit system. Hot work permit systems should be issued only by a senior manager and apply to any hot works undertaken by any contractor. A failure to maintain a hot work permit system and a resultant fire loss may prejudice your ability to make a claim with your insurers.

What are the risks?

The risks associated with welding include:

Also Watch out for Gas welding!

Welding – Managing the Risks

The Welding Technology Institute of Australia(non-Queensland Government link) has issued a Technical Note on Health and Safety in Welding that provides practical advice on managing the risks associated with welding.

Welders should be suitably trained and experienced for the work to be performed to minimise risks and hazards.

When choosing someone to do welding work make sure the person has the necessary level of competence to do the work safely. Make sure when hiring someone to perform Welding that:

Welders should consider using appropriate protective clothing which should include: a shield or helmet with a filtered lens; fire resistant gloves; a leather apron; boots; leather spats; a felt skull-cap or beret and preferably overalls.

All protective clothing and equipment should be kept clean and in working order to ensure its longevity and protection.

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Claims Scenario – Welding a Steel Fuel Tank