Managing Risks of Bushfires

CGU – Managing your Fire Risks this Bushfire Season

Do not forget the devastation of the Victorian Bushfires

Check the ABC Emergency site

Prepare a Bushfire Emergency Plan

Before a Bushfire – be prepared

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If you decided to leave your home, make sure you:

If you decide to stay and defend your home:

If you are travelling:

During a Bushfire

Travelling in a bushfire

Driving during a bushfire is a last resort. It will take longer than you expect and road conditions can become dangerous. There may be road closures, smoke, fallen trees and embers.

Cars are a very dangerous place to be during a bushfire as they offer very little protection from radiant heat. If you get caught on the road, this is a very dangerous situation.

If defending your home:

Seeking shelter:

If you need to seek shelter during a fire due to a sudden change in your bushfire survival plans, fire agencies say the main priority is sheltering from radiant heat, which is produced by the fire.

Bushfires and radiant heat

During an emergency, only if it is safe to do so, contact your ABC Local Radio station to tell the listeners what you can see. This will help the community with first hand and reliable knowledge about what’s going on. Keep our phone number handy.

After a Bushfire

Property Damage



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