Regulations on Bunk Beds for Accomodation Risks

Regulations on Bunk Beds for Accomodation Risks

Bunk Bed Compliance Guide
OFT is currently developing a Bunk Bed Compliance Guide for short-term accommodation providers. The guide will be made available to all interested parties from mid 2012.

The guide will help industry operators prepare compliance procedures and plans for the introduction of the Fair Trading (Safety Standards) Regulation 2011for bunk beds in short-term accommodation premises.

The regulation applies to people who provide short-term accommodation services, where the accommodation could be used by people under 16 years of age. Under the regulation, short-term accommodation is defined as accommodation supplied in trade or commerce for a period of 60 days or less.

The safety standard prescribed in the regulation is based on specified clauses of the Australian and New Zealand Standard for bunk beds (AS/NZS 4220:1994), which is available for purchase from the SAI Global website. Please note there is a cost associated with this.

The regulation will commence on 21 October 2013 however short-term accommodation providers are strongly encouraged to start making any necessary changes as soon as possible to ensure their bunk beds comply with the prescribed minimum safety standards.

A copy of the regulation is available at For general information about bunk bed safety refer to the OFT website.