Do you recognise this scenario?

Caller: Hallo, is this Mr Cooper?

Robert: Yes

Caller: My name is Sam and I am calling from Microsoft.

Robert: Okay

Caller: Yes. We have been receiving error reports from your computer.

Robert: Have you really?

Caller: We can fix this for you.

Robert: In what way?

Caller: I can guide you. Do you have your computer on?

Robert: Yes

Caller: What version of Windows do you have?

Robert: Don’t you know that?

Caller: No we just get the error reports.

Some five minutes go by and they have taken you into an error which does show errors – but these are normally there

Caller: Oooohh. This is worst than I thought. You need to get rid of them. Your computer is infected.

Robert: Really. But I haveanti-virus software on.

Caller: This does not work. I can fix it for you for a low fee of $99.95.

Robert: Can you? How?

Caller: I will give you a site to go to and a log in number and I can go in and take them out for you.

And if I went any further, I would indeed have them in my computer and probably planting a bug or spyware which allows them to compromise all my computer records including banking, credit card payments, identity.

Do not continue with these calls – it is a scam!

No one will ever call you from Microsoft. They fix up their own Operating systems with downloadable patches.

If unsure, call a friend of mine Brett Lemon from Proactive IT Services, who is an IT expert and an expert on hacking and other threats to your systems.

You can call him on 1800 968 774, or Mobile 0424 034 595 or email