Cyber Risks – the new Frontier

I am currently investigating what insurance solutions are out there for the risks now being found with hacking into private data, taking confidential details including credit card details and bringing down a Businesses Web site to the extent they lose revenue.

I have found one product through a market at Lloyds and I will look into it and advise shortly.

But in the meantime, check this link out which you may find helpful

But since I have been in business, I get regular calls from persons saying they are with Microsoft and have detected an error with my computer. They get you to refer to a list within your computer listing lots of errors (which are normal for windows) then offer to clean them up for you. They ask to access your computer through a website to do so and you can watch them delete files. Trouble is, not only do they charge you for this service, but they plant a bug in your system which enables them to access your other files and internet banking. Avoid them.

Also I received advice that you should no longer click on links in your emails because the hyper link behind the text could lead you to a completely different web site. Instead cut and paste it into your Browser and see if it is legitmate or not.

There are emails saying “you have a virus, click on this link to remove it”. Also a scam.

We do not want insurance solutions to pick up things we should be careful with anyway but common sense and “gut feel” will help. Speak only to your own fully accreditted IT specialist. If you need one let me know as I know quite a few who can help you out.

Read this example given about the Sony Play Station Hacking

But with Cyber Risks – Be Aware!