Cyber Risks – a day in the life

There have been a number of security issues exposed in the last 24 hours,

Chinese hackers claim to have infiltrated the secure smart card system used by US Government employees, according to a report by AlienVault. Government agencies generally use the smart card system as an extra layer of defence, Techspot said, as user passwords are generally quite easy to hack. It is not yet known what information, if any, has been compromised but the smart card system controls viewing of sensitive material.

Meanwhile, the websites of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El Al, the Israeli airline, were compromised in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Monday.

Hackers have revived questions over the security of ecommerce by accessing data on up to 24m customers of Zappos, a shoe retailer owned by Amazon that led the way in persuading people that online shopping was safe. The incident comes as smartphones and digital marketing spur the latest growth phase of US ecommerce, which has been built on trust that online retailers have nurtured gradually over the past decade.
And a Twitter user has threatened to release the full source code for the Norton anti-virus software, a week after Symantec – the maker of Norton anti-virus products – admitted that its products had been compromised after a cyber attack on India’s military network.