Heavy Vehicle Transport Insurance

The Heavy Motor Transport sector of insurance is very competitive when it comes to price. But price is not everything. CPR Insurance suggest you consider a cover that will more suit your business. You need rapid responses and fast turnaround of paperwork. Insurers with the latest technology and systems, and a claims department when it is needed that will provide you with the best possible service.

So don’t just choose on price, though we will always seek to get you the best cover at the best price.

Claims Service – why else do you bother to insure?

You want a claims service to be available Australia Wide through broad national networks of approved, Independent Loss Assessors, using your own choice of repairer .
On staff assessors who get their salary from the insurers may possibly have the aim of cost cutting rather than making sure you get the best quality repair work.
Choose an insurer who doesn’t insist that repairers obtain parts for the repair of your vehicle from a particular source. Repairers should be free to conduct the repair of an insured vehicle in the best & fastest manner possible, in consultation with the Independent Loss Assessors.
Try to get an Insurer who doesn’t try to encourage you to use particular repairers with whom they may have come to certain prior agreements, by labelling them as Recommended Repairers. You should have complete freedom to choose the repairer you want.

Other benefits to consider in a comprehensive cover policy are:

 Seek a Non Placarded Dangerous Goods liability Cover including Asbestos
 Available is $30 Million Liability Cover, including Supplementary Bodily Injury.
 Replacement New Vehicle up to 3 Years Old – for all cars, trucks & trailers (if available in Australia), including On Road costs.
 Finance Payout to at least 25% above Market Value (subject to Sum Insured).
 Non-Owned trailer Material Damage cover (excluding Tanker and Temperature Controlled trailers which are separately insured).
 Clean up costs of the load.
 All Sign – Writing, Artwork, Fixed Accessories and Tarpaulins, Gates, Chains and Binders on your vehicle at the time of an accident, automatically covered up to the Sum Insured.
 Automatic Inclusion of new vehicles up to $1 million Sum Insured – may need to be notified to insurers within 30 days of purchase.
 Automatic Inclusion of all Financiers of all insured vehicles.
 Automatic Inclusion of vehicles in any new company the insured acquires.
 Rekeying / Recoding costs – if vehicle stolen or keys lost
 Driver Repatriation costs
 Cross Liability Clause
 Vehicle Hire costs after theft for 30 days
 Vehicle Retrieval costs after repair or theft
 Vehicle retrieval costs if immobilized but undamaged.
 Legal Costs – No sublimit, Reasonable Costs can be covered.
 No sub-limit on Towing & Fire Brigade costs – Reasonable Costs.
 Medical Expenses
 Expediting Expenses
 Personal Property
 Substitute Vehicle covered while yours is repaired.
 Authorise own repairs to at least $5,000.
 Shows & Exhibitions – Your vehicle is covered if you put it on static display.
 Average set as low as possible
 Towed Vehicles & Trailers – covered for liability while being towed.
 make your cover Agreed Value for any Truck, Prime Mover, Trailer or Plant & Equipment.

Further Information

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